Saturday 7 March 2015

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Goals January 2015 - Update

Well here we are in February already, time is flying by!

Just a quick update on the goals I set myself for January. I'm happy with what I have achieved this month, especially financially.

Be kind to myself - yes having more me time and doing things I want.
Start 5:2 again (I want to lose the weight I gained whilst having my treatment.....and then more) - started and lost 9lb, so very happy.

Have at least 2 weekend walks - only managed one walk.
Have a games night - total fail.

Pay off all of CC1 - done and CC in the freezer
CC2 pay off at least 3% of balance on top of minimum payment - 7.5% of balance paid off very happy.
Buy £10 of Christmas savings stamps - done
Put £10 away in savings for Christmas - done
12 NSD this month - done
No extra spending - apart from birthday treat.

Reduce hours down by an hour a day - they agreed to this.
Arrange for payroll course - doing in February.

Arrange for decorator to come in and paint halls - all being painted at the moment
Get rid of old fridge and settee - taken up to the dump

Book up for a craft stall - booked for 7 March 
Set up Facebook business page - set up
Set up an Etsy shop - not done

Weekly menu plan - yes started this again, trying to use up whats in the freezer.

List sewing machine table on Ebay (I don't want to get rid of it but I just don't have the room) - no, going to list a load of things this weekend.
List Little Miss stool on Ebay - as above.