Sunday, 15 May 2011

Books I've read this far

Well after what I call my reading drought from last year I am finally getting back into reading. 

I felt that last year my mind could not cope with reading. I could not take in the words that were on the page and could not concentrate on a story. I could not even successfully read factual books. I think I must have about 10 books that I started and I got about 5 or 6 pages in then gave up with them. It wasn't that they were hard books to read it was just the place my mind was at the time.

Things have now changed and as from 28th January 2011 I started to read again.

The Tales of Beadle The Bard - J K Rowling
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
Spartan Gold - Clive Cussler
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
The Official Highway Code (ongoing read)
Aquarius Your Personal Horoscope (ongoing read)
Help Hope & Happiness - Libby Rees (read this before passing on to Little Miss)
Bullies, Bigmouths & So-called Friends - J Alexander
Doctor Who The Heart of Stone - Trevor Baxendale
Doctor Who Death Riders - Justin Richards
Discovery Compact Guide to Cornwall
The Hairy Bikers Family Cookbook Mums Know Best - Si King & David Myers
Quick & Easy Paint Transformations - Annie Sloan
Country Living Guide To Rural England The West Country 
Miss Hope's Chocolate Box
London A Very Peculiar History
Tea With Jane Austen - Kim Wilson
The Best of Britain Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly

Don't think I'm doing to bad so far. 



Alison said...

You're doing very well1 I've been listening to books on my Kindle, which means the narrator sets the pace...I am a very fast reader and feel that I'm getting through less books. I am, however, re-reading the final Harry Potter at the moment..and getting annoyed at how much they missed out of the first( and no doubt the upcoming) movie!
Alison xx

Pomona said...

I love Sherlock Holmes - one of my favourites!

Pomona x

Dinki Dots said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I hope you have fun getting started with crochet! :o)