Sunday, 26 June 2011

I love my iPhone but...

Yes I do love my iPhone. I can do so much with it. But after having it a month...well I miss actually writing things down on paper.

Today I purchased a gorgeous notebook from Paperchase and wrote down little simple things. I really can't do without a notebook. This is no matter how much the iPhone can do, taking the time to write things down with a pen in a notebook is still special to me.

I did try and I lasted a month just using the iPhone and no notebook.


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Local Carnival

It was our local carnival the other week.

It was lovely to see, but so few people taking part. I can remember when I was younger there were loads of floats and people taking part. Every community group took part. This year there was one float and a few groups walking. No schools were involved either.

Is this the same with everyone's carnivals?


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Birthday Cake 2011

I love baking and also decorating cakes. So its no surprise that when it comes to Little Miss and her birthday cake a lot of thought and time goes into it.

Start of the chocolate madeira cake recipe. This was cooked on the weekend before the birthday party.

Cooked in two loaf tins and some extra in another tin. Any idea as to what it will be?

Butter-cream filing being done by Little Sis, and the cake is starting to take shape. Do you know what it is yet (in her best Rolf Harris voice)?

Blue icing being added (and yes we had to wear gloves as it turned our fingers blue!).

I hope you have guessed what it is.

Doors and panelling being added.

The final additions and the Tardis is ready.

And a blue light added to the top. Yes the light flashed, but no matter how many photos I took I could not get a good one with the light on!

We took our time doing this over the week. But it was so worth it when Little Miss saw it at her party.

What wonderful cake creations have you done for your little ones?


Monday, 13 June 2011

Little Miss Birthday Time

The other day it was 9th birthday for Little Miss.

Up as early as she could be for snuggles in bed with Mummy.

Then it was breakfast in bed.

Time to open presents from Mummy.

Then it was off to see Granny, and more present opening.

We always go out with Little Miss on her birthday and this year she wanted to go to Brighton.

So off we all go. A little ride on the Volk's Railway

A wander on the pier and strawberry milkshake.

Fun on the trampoline and a ride on the merry go round.

A visit to the old penny arcade, and fortunes told.

Time on the beach building pebble castles and eating chips.

Then later on a lovely meal and birthday cake.

A lovely day had by all. Happy Birthday my special little girl.


May Roundup

I have found a few photos from May that I have not included in my blog. But I have decided I do want to include them. 

I spotted this post Happy little hooker & other new skills! by Vintage Vicki.

She was saying about mosaic photo programmes which are great, but that Picnik is limiting unless you pay. I have loved playing around with Picnik but I have now been converted to this company. Thank you Vicki.

Here is what I have created from my little play on their site. 

Breakfast using leftovers from dinner and a couple of eggs. Little Miss came back for thirds of this.

Banana Loaf, new recipe was very yummy.

Coronation beaker from Ebay. I wish people would wrap things up properly then they wouldn't end up damaged when they arrive!

Pretty cupcakes.

Charity find set of lovely tea plates.

Another batch of cupcakes before decorating.

Cup cake decorated by Littke Miss.

I picked this picture frame up a couple of months ago at a local jumble sale. Then just painted it up and put in a piece of lovely wallpaper.

Little shelves to be painted up and decorated one for me and one for Little Miss. These are to keep odd trinkets in.

Another little shelf to be decorated.

New special cup and spoon, perfect for hot chocolate.

Plate of delicious strawberries.

Flowers sitting on my desk at work, picked by Little Miss to make my desk pretty.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Street Party

Our town had a lovely street party the other week. The High Street was closed off so no traffic. They had stalls set up selling gorgeous trinkets and food stands. They also had three stages where various local bands and entertainers could get up on and perform.

The day started with a boat race. This was mad with pairs of people running up the road in boats.

After that it was time for Little Miss to practice her circus skills.

Well she started with one hoop, then ended up with three going round and everyone watching and admiring her.

Time for face painting for Little Miss and a small butterfly for me.

Then it was off to check out the hog roast, yummy. Glass of Pimms, chips and popcorn were also consumed.

A quick look around the stalls and a couple of buys.

Then it was time to go home.

What a lovely day.


Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Oh I do love a good magazine. But due to money restrictions I am very careful what ones I get these days. My treat is one or two (or three!) magazines a month. But some months I don't get any.

This month's treat two great magazines and something special to make.


May Scavenger Hunt

Oh please forgive me I am late posting this!

Feel free to join in ...

A butterfly
This was at our local Street Party and was made of sweet wrappers.

A bicycle (or two)

A red door

A cartoon character
Winnie the Pooh dressed as a frog.

An emergency vehicle

Something blue

A street light

A sign of the zodiac

An interesting local building
Soper Hall

A portrait in black & white
Audrey in my front room.

Crocheted blankets.

Think vintage
This is my Granddads case full of sheet music. He was an organist in the cinemas. 

Thank you once again Postcards from the P.P


This Weeks Books

Well I've not done too bad this week on the books. But i must read some more fiction rather than factual books.

Hope you are all having some good reads at the moment.


Painted Little Frames

I got these two little frames from Poundland the other week. I thought that they would look so much better painted up.

And they certainly did see Believe You Can and What I Love Most About My Home.


What I Love Most About My Home

Another lovely printable from eighteen25

Such a lovely sentiment.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Believe you can

I found this lovely idea from I'ts a crafty life

I then used it as inspiration for my own version.

I think the words are so inspiring.

Thank you.