Friday, 22 April 2011

Weekend catch up

A quick catch up on a lovely weekend.

Little Miss on school holidays and I managed to get the Friday and Monday off work. Yes I know this would give me a wonderful three long weekends in a row.

Well we decided to go up to London for the day on Friday.

A trip to the Imperial War Museum. Little Miss was thoroughly impressed when she walked in and saw all the aeroplanes hanging from the ceiling.

Wow mum its just like Night at the Museum.

Little Miss enjoyed going round the submarine and air raid shelter. A great day out and very close to this.

Yes we then went on the London Eye and the views were fantastic. Little Miss could not believe that I was taking her on it.

Then it was time to head home with one tired little girl.

Monday we headed off to see a friend in Guildford. Lovely walks along the river and lunch in the sunshine.

Then a sit in the park by the castle keep surrounded by pretty flowers.

What a lovely week, just looking forward to the next one.


Tadpole progress week 6

Well the warm weather has certainly helped these little fellows.

They are growing very quickly now. We have had to put a lid on the top of the tank as they have started to try and jump out.

Looks like they will be heading back to their little pond soon.

Little Miss will definitely miss them.


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pretty Bracelets

Well a little make this week.

Take some old jewellery charms and add them to pretty Primark bracelets. What do you end up with bracelets that you loose straight away to your daughter!


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alphanumeric Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to my little blog. Now wasn't I lucky to get picked by the lovely Mel for her Alphanumeric Blog Hop. I was given the letter P. Now after much thought and deliberation there was only one thing I could do about this letter.

My favourite shop Paperchase.

I have always had this love of stationery. I used to love the start of a new school year as you got your new pencilcase, pens and pencils. As I've got older it has been the lure of notebooks and my favourite shop has them in abundance. This is my latest.

In here I keep my lists of everything, it also has lovely pockets to put those odd bits of paper you get in. I have lists of things I have to do, things I want to do, lovely quotes, things to see, things to read, things to watch it goes on and on.

The next best thing in Paperchase are the stickers.

I have even got a tin especially for the stickers from there. Again this goes back to childhood, I used to collect stickers then 10p for a little square of stickers off a roll. They were great. Now it is a £1 for a pack of them from Paperchase. 

Not only do I have a love of this shop but Little Miss does to. She saves her pocket money up and gets herself notebooks, pens and stickers.

We all know and love this shop but when you visit the one a Tottenham Court Road London give yourself a couple of hours. Three floors of Paperchase goodies to browse and lust after, and a coffee shop to sit and relax in. Pure shopping heaven.

Thank you for taking time to visit and read my blog.

And next is Random Reflections.

 alphanumeric hop badge.jpg

Thank you I Speak Melsh for making this all possible. Please check out Mel's blog for all of the others taking part.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Tadpole progress week 5

Oh they are getting bigger by the day and little legs are getting stronger.

It is funny watching the tadpoles dash madly around the tank.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Oh what a wonderful week...

...we have had so far. 

School holidays and the juggling of childcare. Little Miss off to friends and Granny while Mummy works. But I have managed to get a couple of days off this holiday and I am so looking forward to them.

Monday walk up to Granny's the sun is out and we notice our shadows as we wander up the road.

Caught Little Miss next to a bit of graffiti. But it is nice graffiti as it is a lovely saying and very apt for her.

Spent a lovely afternoon with Little Miss watching Dr Who DVD's. She has now decided she prefers David Tennant to Matt Smith as the Dr. I don't mind I just enjoy watching any of the episodes (especially if John Barrowman is in them).

Off for a wander around the town, and into the charity shops.

Pretty jug and two Ikea shadow boxes (ideas for presents already with these), and a couple of books one for me and one for Little Miss.

Then a wonderful find in the newsagents!! I could not believe it when I saw these. The last time I had these I must of been about 10 and we were living in Leicester. Had to buy a few packets for me and my sister. Yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy.

Final goodies for the day were these Union Jack/Flag paper chains. Absolute bargain!

Hope you are all enjoying your week.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Pretty Flowers

Pretty flowers around the house. Loving these gorgeous flowers.

Daffodils bring sunshine into the place, in an old teapot found in the charity shop 10p box.

Hyacinths bringing a beautiful springtime scent into the room.


Tuesday Tasks 12 April

Another good week.

Yes more items on Ebay. This works so much easier doing a few items at a time. 

Sure Slim, stuck to it on weekdays but enjoyed my weekend with a bottle of wine (or two). Water stuck to this as well. Already feeling so much better, not so tired or feeling bloated.

Tasks for this week:

1.    Ebay - not planning on putting any on this week.
2.    Stick with Sure Slim 100%.
3.    Drink 4 bottles of water a day.
4.    Get rid of all the tiny scraps of paper with notes on and put in one small notebook. You know the types of scraps of paper with notes about websites to look at, books to read, things to do. Well no more, one notebook for these.

Have a great week, and yes I have managed to post it on Tuesday.


Saturday, 9 April 2011

Tuesday Tasks 5 April

Well I did well last week! Shame I'm not posting this on Tuesday!

Ebay, another five items on. Doing well with this being only a few each week.

All sewing done now.

Furniture in craft room, well this one has been completed. Just the rest to be finished off.

Tasks for this week:

1.    Ebay - at least 5 items listed.
2.    Stick with Sure Slim 100% (I have already done that so far this week).
3.    Drink 4 bottles of water a day (this goes hand in hand with no 2).
4.    More painting of furniture in craft room.

Have a great week, and I will ensure next week I do post on Tuesday!


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Country Living Fair 2011

I purchased tickets to go to the Spring Fair with Mum as part of her birthday present.

What a beautiful day we had, the sun was shining as we set off. When we arrived at the show Mum could not believe it so many pretties to see. We both fell in love with these gorgeous cushions and hanging hearts.

Then we came across Made in Pixieland and I knew Little Miss would just love these.

Then more wandering and we saw these lovelies.

And finally the parasol I would love to have on my patio.

It was then time to stop and have some refreshments. But just what do you choose!

One of each and share, oh they were so yummy.

So what did I get, well I was very very good and I only got a few items.

Pretty cupcake box, little wish sign, some pretty pink gingham ribbon, badge and tiny bunny. The bunny was for Little Miss and the badge was one of two. The other is on its way to a special friend. The little flower pot was purchased in the charity shop nearby.

This is a set of eight hanging night light holders and I have the perfect spot for them on the patio. Oh I do love twinkling night lights.

We both had a great but tiring day, I hate to think how far we walked. Thank you for a lovely day mum it was  so good that we had a day out like that, just the two of us.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Mother's Day

Woken up by Little Miss jumping on my bed and saying Happy Mothers Day. She the passed a big bag to me and said "All of that is for you Mummy". I open up the bag and inside is this lovely mug and coaster.

There was also a lovely keyring which she had made and a Marmite pen. Now the pen seems to have gone missing and I have my suspicions as to where!

She then said Mummy stay in bed and have a read I am just going downstairs. Next thing I know she is back upstairs with breakfast. Toast with lemon curd, yoghurt and fruit. So in she climbs and we have breakfast in bed together.

Soon it was time to get up and get ready to go to church with the Brownies. After a lovely service we are given bunches of flowers as it is Mothering Sunday.

After church we went round to see my Mum and have dinner with her. She loved the bag I got her yesterday.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend Wander

What glorious weather we woke up to on Saturday. Decided to take Little Miss out for the day, but where shall we go. Can we go to the park with the pirate ship mummy? So off we went, picnic packed and bread ready for the ducks.

Greeted at our destination by this beautiful tree and flowers. Mummy I love the umbrella tree, please take a picture for me. Picture taken 5 minutes later as too much traffic!

We arrive at the park and off she runs to play in the pirate ship. Out comes book and flask of coffee for me. Later after a few hours of playing and picnic we wander off to find the ducks to give them their afternoon tea.

Ducks and swans feed, we then chance upon the Egyptian Geese and their babies.

A quick pop into the local craft fair to pick up a special present for mother's day.

Then it was time to head off home with one tired out little girl.


Census return

Bit late with this but on 27th March 2011 I completed the 2011 census return and posted it the following day. There was a big difference in the amount of information we had to enter and the information that was gathered 100 years ago. 

In the 1911 census a large number of women boycotted the census by refusing to be counted. They did this as they were frustrated by the government's refusal to grant women the vote. I wonder how many people this year will not complete it and what their reasons are.

Makes you wonder how big the form will be in another hundred years!


Tadpole progress week 4

Wow they are getting a lot bigger. They are enjoying eating the lettuce that Little Miss has been feeding them daily.