Saturday, 30 July 2011

Visiting my childhood home town - day 2

Well up we got and it was time for more exploring.

The market was still as busy and bustling as I remember. Vibrant displays of materials, trims, fruit and veg. I was dragged away from the lovely material stall by Little Miss.

A walk along New Walk, not a lot changed here since I was last here. It is still a beautiful pedestrianised route from the main city to Victoria Park area.

A visit to New Walk Museum. Finding the Egyptian Mummies still there that I remembered was lovely. The layout of the museum had changed dramatically. The large staircase was no longer there!  

Then a visit to Victoria Park and lunch in the sunshine. With Little Miss having fun playing in the playground.

Then we walked down Queens Road and turned off into Montague Road and saw my childhood home. A wander around the corner to where there used to be a bakers that did wonderful Rum babas. Also they produced the world record Easter Egg, at that time. I can remember that we watched the egg being made and then got to eat some of it as well.

The local ironmongers, which also didn't seem to have changed that much. The old TV and radio repair shop. Then it was time to see my old school and school church. Little Miss couldn't believe it that my old school has the same name as her school.

The Methodist Church that I remember going to every Sunday. The local Conservative Club that was just around the corner from where we lived. The bakers opposite from where we lived was no longer there, Subway had taken over part of the building. But the flower shop, grocers and butchers were still there.

The final park to visit, the Little Park, this is just opposite the large Victoria Park. Then on to one final museum, Newarke Houses.

I was expecting so much more change to be around the Queens Road area. Yes some shops have gone, but many are still there. There is still an ironmongers, butcher, florists and greengrocer in the same premises that they were 30 years ago. I think that this area of Leicester has fared very well and I was surprised that there were very few empty shops. Its a shame the same could not be said about where I live now.


Monday, 18 July 2011

Visiting my childhood home town - day 1

One of the things that I decided I wanted to do this year was visit where I used to live. I grew up in Leicester and consider myself a Leicester Lass. Little Miss has also said that she wanted to see where I used to play and go to school. So a little trip was planned the other weekend.

St Pancras station, this is one station that Little Miss has never been to. Well her face when we came out of the underground and saw this. When we travel by train I always leave plenty of time and this meant that we could explore St Pancras a bit.

We arrived in Leicester and found our hotel. Then it was off out exploring.

Near to where we were staying was the Jewry Wall. This is the old Roman baths, Little Miss loved this as they had been studying these at school recently.

Beautifully intricate mosaics in a wonderful condition.

Little Miss then became an archaeologist and found the buried treasure.

After that we went for a little explore around the shops.

We felt that this Sylvanian was a bit big to take home!

The clocktower, this area is now pedestrianised a big change since I was last there.

We ended the day with a picnic on the riverbank. Laying back in the grass looking at the beautiful blue sky.


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Little Miss Musical Theatre

The other night it was off to the theatre for us to watch Little Miss in Oliver.

'Please sir can I have some more?'

The songs from Oliver have been sung around here over the past months. DVD's of Oliver have been watched again and again. Now it was performance night.

What a star she was. At the end of the show awards were handed out and she was given one.

I am so proud of my Little Miss.


Saturday, 9 July 2011

School Trip

Little Miss went on a two night school trip to Chichester the other week.

Cases all packed and 40 excited children eager to go away on their first overnight school trip.

Even though Little Miss goes to her Dad's every other weekend I missed her so much these two nights. 

Glad you are back home with me now.


Friday, 8 July 2011

Defest 2011

As part of our local summer entertainment we have a music festival that is on for two days.

We decided to go to the Vintage Fest day. The day started with a cruise through the local streets of classic and vintage vehicles. These then all parked up at the festival grounds for you to have a look around.

Then it was time for the singers and dancers to get up on the stage. Some great Rock 'n' Roll music and loads of jiving going on, including a class teaching all those who wanted to learn how to jive.

There was also a Vintage Tea shop and a vintage clothes stall. There were loads of craft stalls as well and a Birds of Prey display.

A brilliant day of music and dancing. Looking forward to next year, might do both days then.


Thursday, 7 July 2011

School Summer Fair

Summer Fair time for Little Miss, she was with her Dad for the day, so she was unable to attend. I went on her behalf and had a go on the sweet tombola for her.

Then on to the toy stall.

Loads of cuddlies that need new homes.

A lovely school fair that was spoilt by the bad weather. 


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Favourite shops...

I have already blogged about one of our favourite shops Paperchase.

Now one of our other favourite shops is Lush.

Just to walk past this shop is lovely with all the gorgeous scents wafting out of the door.

Then when you step through the door what choices you have.

Most of the time we just go in and look and lust after the lovely bath bombs. 

I decided to get Little Miss a bath bomb for her birthday.

The joy on her face when she opened the present was so wonderful.

The when she had it in the bath she didn't want to get out of the bath.

Can see these could become a regular treat.


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Little Sis

The same day a Little Miss birthday party was my Little Sis birthday.

Little cupcake made and mini cupcakes made and all decorated especially for my Little Sis.

'Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.'  ~Margaret Mead~


Monday, 4 July 2011

June Scavenger Hunt

Thank you once again for organising this Postcards from the P. P.

A childhood memory
Well I had so many things to choose from for this. We went and visited Leicester where I was born and spent the first 10 years of my life. When I saw that this was still there after all these years I couldn't believe it.

A farm animal
I couldn't find a real one so I borrowed one of Little Miss toys.

A wheel trim
This was taken at Defest classic car cruise, I love the detail of the dice.

An elephant
Little Miss had great fun on this.

Architectural detail
I walk past this everyday on the way to work. This is next to the old wheelwrights and blacksmiths.

Goats cheese with caramelised onion, this was yummy and tasted better than it looks!

This is our camping and days out cutlery, it all clips together and is so easy to carry. Absolute bargain as it was from the pound shop.

My pretty bedroom lights at night.

Something beginning with z...
Zynga, without this a lot more could be done by many people (including me). 
Farmville, Cityville, Frontierville etc are all very addictive games.

Something with your town's name on it
An advertisement for one of the events at our local festival.

The view right outside your door
Pots that are waiting for pretty flowers.

Tree branches
View taken whilst on a swing. Well it doesn't matter how old you are we all love to go on a swing.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done.


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Little Miss Birthday Party Time

Well once the birthday cake was made it was soon party time.

Room sorted out and rearranged.

Piles of books taken out of cupboard before it was moved. The books were eventually put back in the cupboard. That was after I got distracted flicking through them. I really must get myself a bookshelf. 

Room decorated and ready for the cinema party and games.

Little Miss invited six friends round to watch Gnomeo & Juliet. Loads of munching of popcorn, pizza and pick n mix sweets was done. Games were played and at the end just to check that they did watch the film a mini quiz. 

Presents opened by the birthday girl. 

Candles lit on the cake and gasps all around as the cake is taken in.

Party bags handed out, then they all headed off home. Mummy then has a large glass of wine!

And a yummy cupcake.