Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tuesday Tasks

Well I think I did OK this week. 

Ebay items listed, oh yes will keep with doing five items a week as it is a bit more manageable.

Sewing repair jobs all done (apart from new badge from Brownies this week).

Curtains not done. When I can get to my sewing machine they will be done.

Craft room getting there, I want to ensure that all the things are stored properly and I can find them. So I am not going to rush on this.
Tasks for this week:

1.    Ebay - at least 5 items listed.
2.    Sew on Brownie badge.
3.    Sew up curtains for patio.
4.    Finish painting furniture in craft room (some done).

Lets see how things go this week.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Treasure Trove

Oh how I love a good old fashioned jumble sale. Everything just piled up and you have to rummage. Piles and piles of clothes and materials. Boxes of crockery and books.

On Saturday the local Scout group had a jumble sale. I had limited money so had to be very careful. This was my haul.

More vintage books.

A gorgeous picture frame that is currently in the process of being transformed.

A lovely little jug and some side plates, I have managed to break three side plates recently so needed some more pretty ones. Little Miss has decided that she wants the one at the front.

Three lots of gorgeous material.

And this lovely set of flowers.

All of this was purchased for the grand sum of £5!!! Now what bargains.

Not to be out done Little Miss also purchased a Jacqueline Wilson book and Polly Pocket house, she spent 50p.

Now I like my bargains and there were plenty at this jumble sale, with all money that was raised going to the Scouts. But why do people still have to argue about how much they were being charged. One woman had a black bag full of clothes and did not want to pay the £3 they were asking. What is wrong with people these days? But I thought that the helpers response was great. "If you don't want to pay that for them I am sure that someone else will". They then emptied the items out of the bag and back into the pile, the woman was fuming but everyone else around was smiling.


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tadpole progress week 3

Oh they are getting bigger...


Tuesday Tasks

Well I think I did very well this week. All the ironing is done, what a beautiful sight the ironing basket is empty (well for the moment anyway).

Craft room was cleared out, painted and all the furniture moved back in. Taking my time putting the rest back as I am sorting through it all.

Ebay, well I need to get some motivation going on getting things listed. So changing it this week, 5 items listed hopefully I will manage this.

Tasks for this week:

1.    Ebay - 5 items listed.
2.    Finish off sewing repair jobs.
3.    Sew up curtains for patio.
4.    Get at least half of the items back into the craft room.

Lets see how things go this week.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tuesday Tasks

Well I did not complete everything from last week. But I did get most of the ironing done, only a quarter of the pile left. It is now a lot easier to get in my kitchen cupboard..

Tasks for this week:

1.    Ironing - last quarter of the pile (then I will be fully up to date).  All done, can't beleive I have no ironing to do!!
2.    Ebay - at least 20 items listed, (carried over from last week). Ok need to get myself sorted with regards to this one. Free listing weekend and not one item put on.
3.    Clear out craft room. Done, room also painted and some stuff put back.
4.    Get all the small sewing repair jobs done. (only half completed) A couple more done.
5.    Paint craft room.

Hopefully I will do better this week.


Monday, 14 March 2011

Charity Finds

Oh now what do you do when you walk past the local charity shop and they have these gorgeous books sitting outside waiting for a home. 

Well you just have to take them home with you. 


Tadpole progress

Squeals of excitement the other morning from Little Miss.

Mummy we have tadpoles now.

Yes they have started to hatch and we have about 30 so far in the tank!!


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tuesday Tasks

Every Tuesday I am going to post a list of five tasks that I want to have completed before the following Tuesday.

1.     Ironing pile - at least half the mountain gone.  Managed to get rid of three quarters of the pile.
2.     Ebay - at least 20 items listed. (none)
3.     Paint the bathroom mirror.
4.     Get all the small sewing repair jobs done. (only half completed)
5.     Items taken to the dump.

Lets see how I get on with this during the week.


Monday, 7 March 2011

New additions to the family

We were very kindly given some frog spawn over the weekend.

Little Miss now can't wait until these turn into tadpoles and then froglets. She is very happy to come down in the morning and chat to the frog spawn, and she has named a number of them already. But I am sure that she thinks they will be fully grown frogs by the end of the week!


World Book Night

Well wasn't I a very lucky girl, this is what I was given by a very kind lady in the street on Saturday morning.

World Book Night was on Saturday and one million books were given away and I was a lucky recipient.

So looking forward to reading this book, and it is now next in my towering pile by my bed.