Monday, 30 May 2011

The Pleasures of Friendship

Found this lovely little book of Frienship Poems in the charity shop the other day.

So many beautiful poems about friendship, but this had to be my favourite.

The pleasures of friendship are exquisite,
How pleasant to go to a friend on a visit!
I go to my friend, we walk on the grass,
And the hours and moments like minutes pass.

Stevie Smith


Sunday, 29 May 2011

This week

A quick catch up of the last week.

Brownie badge sewn on.

Fresh salad leaves growing.

Unwanted, finished with games/DVD's being sent off for voucher to spend on more games.

Playing with iphone apps.

More playing (the colour patches on the wall are not that colour!!!).

Pretty poppy.


Homework practice books

Quick little make over the weekend for Little Miss.

Boring exercise books (as she put it) made all pretty now by Mummy.


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Baking Day

Oh last Sunday was definitely a baking day.

First up fruit cake, as a requested birthday cake for a friend.

Then it was bread pudding.

And finally when Little Miss got back from her Dad's it was biscuit time (oh and I forgot to take a picture).

I was so good and I did not have any. But enjoyed watching everyone else enjoy them.


Pretty Spring Flowers

Visited a very special Aunt last weekend. Went for a lovely walk around her village and spied these gorgeous flowers.

Ended up sitting in the middle of a buttercup field reading my book. What a peaceful and relaxing day.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

New phone, new toy

I had a wonderful parcel turn up for me at work the other day.

Shiney new toy to play with, now the fun begins. I have already found some favourite apps and I'm having great fun with them.


What I've Read This Week

Lovely book with hundreds of ideas for cupcakes in.

This book is about that we should not be worried with the 7 deadly sins. There are sins worse than that in our life.

Best quote in the book was true.


Mollie Makes Magazine

Oh a lovely new magazine.

With a great little make on the front.

Also free magazine with some gorgeous recipes in.



Just a bit of a sort out this week. Magazines cleared, this pile...

into these few...


Catch up time

So loving this gorgeous weather we are having at the moment.

Catch up from the last week.

Last Sunday, early start and visit to a local car boot sale. Now it is very hard to resist getting bookcases and tables when they are so cheap at car boot sales. I have the perfect solution...go by bus.

These are the bargains I found. 

Little Miss got these items and as soon as she got home out came the dolls to play on the new horse.

This was my absolute bargain of the day, so happy with this.

Back home and was time for baking.

Bargain flowers at the end of the day from the super market.

A quick make for one of Little Miss's teaching assistants.


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Books I've read this far

Well after what I call my reading drought from last year I am finally getting back into reading. 

I felt that last year my mind could not cope with reading. I could not take in the words that were on the page and could not concentrate on a story. I could not even successfully read factual books. I think I must have about 10 books that I started and I got about 5 or 6 pages in then gave up with them. It wasn't that they were hard books to read it was just the place my mind was at the time.

Things have now changed and as from 28th January 2011 I started to read again.

The Tales of Beadle The Bard - J K Rowling
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
Spartan Gold - Clive Cussler
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
The Official Highway Code (ongoing read)
Aquarius Your Personal Horoscope (ongoing read)
Help Hope & Happiness - Libby Rees (read this before passing on to Little Miss)
Bullies, Bigmouths & So-called Friends - J Alexander
Doctor Who The Heart of Stone - Trevor Baxendale
Doctor Who Death Riders - Justin Richards
Discovery Compact Guide to Cornwall
The Hairy Bikers Family Cookbook Mums Know Best - Si King & David Myers
Quick & Easy Paint Transformations - Annie Sloan
Country Living Guide To Rural England The West Country 
Miss Hope's Chocolate Box
London A Very Peculiar History
Tea With Jane Austen - Kim Wilson
The Best of Britain Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly

Don't think I'm doing to bad so far. 


Friday, 13 May 2011

Bloggering Nigtmare

Well that was nice of Blogger to loose the last two posts I did! Will try to put them back on over the next few days.

It also means that comments made on my blog and those I have made on others have been lost.

Naughty naughty blogger.


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Weekend catchup

At last some Easter presents arrived at their destination. So glad they were liked and got there eventually.

On Saturday I did a great workshop in London (please see the previous post).

Then on Sunday we had the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers St Georges day parade. This had been delayed due to Easter. It was a shame Little Miss did not see it.

We had a fantastic view from our window.

Lovely charity shop find, again in the 10p bin! It may be nearly as old as me and some of it not really politically correct with the comments. But I love it and it gives some great descriptions of places.

When Little Miss came back she wanted to play with her marble run and get out the ice boats we had made previously.


Cake stand

Last Saturday I went on a fabulous course at Oak Studio in Hampstead. It was a how to make a vintage plate cake stand.

The course was run by the fantastic Monica. She showed us all how to drill the holes and assemble the cake stands.

Here is my end result.

Oh I want to make some more it was great fun doing this. Also I thoroughly enjoyed learning something new.


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Weekend Away (Day 3)

Always the worst part of a holiday leaving day. 

We decided on the way back to visit a place that I have driven past many times but never stopped to see...Stonehenge.

Wow what a wonderful place.

Just absolutely stunning. The site was so much bigger than I thought it would be. 

It was very strange though. Hundreds of people there and everyone was wandering round with these on and listening to the commentary.

But I wonder how many people actually stopped and took in all that was around them. Most people just seemed to be walking round the site in a trance like state.

Eventually we arrive home. We settled down to catch up TV (well we had missed Dr Who). We then had our final Cornwall treat...cream tea.