Wednesday, 2 November 2011

30 Day Declutter

I am going to be following (and joining in with) the wonderful Thrifty Mrs and her 30 Day Declutter.

The idea is to get rid of 90 items in 30 days. So by 30th November 2011 there will be 90 less items in my home. Well that is so long as I don't then bring in 90 items!!

So I will be adding a bit extra to this. Yes I will be getting rid of 90 items. But also I will not be bringing in any extra items (apart from food, groceries and Christmas presents for other people).

That way I should see the results.

I will keep things updated on here once a week.

So here goes. 

1. Old pair trainers belonging to Little Miss (too small).



crafts@home said...

What a brilliant idea, I suppose it's about 3 items a day, I might try it... Good Luck :)
Sue Xxx

Alison said...

Good Luck with it!
Alison xx

Lisa said...

Best of luck with the challenge. I sorted my bookcase today and bout a dozen books are off to the charity shop tomorrow.
Lisa x

Fishcake_random said...

Good for you hun :)
When you start small and take little steps things are so much less daunting.
When you hear 90 items you panic and when you hear 3 a day your like yeah I can do that lol

Thanks for your visit and comment BTW

x x x