Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Found Treasures - Part One

I'm always on the lookout for special items for my home. But being a single mum I certainly cannot afford to buy new items. So it's good that I love all things vintage and retro.

Since moving into our "house on top of a shop" we have added some wonderful items of furniture. None of these items have been new, they have all been preloved. These items have come from friends, friends of friends, eBay and carboot sales.

We have also purchased a number if other items from eBay, carboot sales and of course charity shops.

I have decided to start showing some of those wonderful items that we manage to find on our weekly jaunts.

Last weekend I found this lovely book that I have been after for ages in one of our local charity shops.

It's a 1974 edition of Mrs Beetons book. Nearly as old as me!! It makes a fantastic read. I am still after a much earlier version of her book. Who knows what I might find At the car boot sales and in the charity shops this year.


Alison said...

Hope you eventually find an older copy! looks in very good condition!
Alison xx

FeltByRae said...

Ha! Anything from 1974 can't be classed as old! I was 11 in 1974!

But pre-loved is wonderful; when I got my first place as a single mum all my stuff was pre-loved, including a bed from an acquaintance I only knew from the bus stop... we always caught the same morning bus and got chatting... the kindness of strangers never fails to amaze me