Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Home Sewing Book

I spotted this book in the library the other week. Now it has been one of those books I have had on my "Oh I would love to have that book list" for some time.

Now I try to get books from the library before I buy them, that way I don't make expensive mistakes, and by using the libraries we get to keep them.

It is a lovely book scattered with the gorgeous Liberty prints. But the problem I found with it is that I have patterns for most of what they have done in here. The thing that makes this such a lovely book is the use of the Liberty materials.

So after borrowing it from the library and returning it this will not be moving on to my must buy book list.

Thank you library for saving me money this time. 


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FeltByRae said...

I tend to do the same - I saved myself a good few pennies when I found that Kirstie's At Home book was really not what I thought it was

Thank goodness for libraries!