Tuesday, 3 July 2012

June Scavenger Hunt

Well at long last I am back on track with the scavenger hunt as arranged by Kathy.

I really enjoyed doing this again, and I hope to catch up on the ones that I have missed out on.

So here we go:

Sleep - on my bed full of cushions.

On the edge - my little cat on the edge of a shadow box

Before - my old swing seat, I'm sad.

After - my new swing seat, I'm happy again.

Symmetry - a butterfly.

 Out of reach - crisps and things on top of the kitchen cupboard.

Close - my latest finds a toast rack and butter knife.

At night - view from my patio.

Diamond - Diamond Jubilee decoration.

Crown - coronation mugs in the bathroom.

Bunting - so much of it around this month. This was for Little Miss birthday.

Majesty - our view in Battersea Park for the Jubilee.

A little glimpse of the last month. I'm looking forward to next months list.



Lisa said...

A good selection, like the symmetry one, I was really stuck for that.
Lisa x

Little Blue Mouse said...

I try to keep crisps and biscuits out of reach too but it doesn't seem to keep the consumption down!

Louise said...

Welcome back to the scavenger hunt! I'm not sure what's happened to Kathy and a new list though :S

A great set of photos - I like your before and after and symmetry is nice. I was hoping to snap a real butterfly but the weather hasn't been good for them so I haven't see many.