Sunday, 15 June 2014

Weekly Spending Summary - 15th June

As part of keeping track of my spending I will be posting on here what I have spent over the week. Hopefully by having this written down it will make me take notice of areas of overspending!

Groceries ~ £13.31
Ebay ~ £10.85
Misc ~ £12.00 (4 X Men DVD's as Little Miss has really got into these).

- Not brilliant, DVD's were unexpected but we have been after these for a while and this has been the cheapest we have seen them.

Groceries ~ £13.21
Birthdays etc ~ £3.46 

- June is always a bad month for birthdays, I have Little Miss, my sister and a couple of other birthdays as well.


Groceries ~ £2.15
Drinks/Meals Out ~ £3.13 (pint at lunch with work colleagues)
Misc ~ £2.00 (World Cup sweepstake)

- pub at lunchtime with work colleagues was unexpected, but we have had some bad news at work this week and we all wanted to meet up.

Groceries ~ £2.94
Beauty ~ £1.50
Birthdays etc ~ £9.64
Clothes Me ~ £22.00 (lightweight rain coat)
School Supplies ~ £10.00 (bag ready for September)
Garden ~ £2.00 (plant pots)
Misc ~ £4.94 (bubble wrap, glue dots, 23 Ladybird books, sewing box)

- again more birthday items, my coat was on the to get list and Little Miss has got her bag ready for next term at school.

Groceries ~ £9.65
Misc ~ £18.25 (garden table, phone charger box, brushes)

- the garden table and phone charger have been on the to get list for ages. Just at last I have found the perfect table today.

Not too bad, but could do better as the school reports go! I am on budget with regards to groceries this month, and have managed two NSD this week. But there have been a few purchases, all though these have been for items we have wanted for a while.

We will see how next week goes as we have a very busy week.


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