Sunday, 23 October 2011

July Scavenger Hunt (oh dear its more than a bit late)

Well here is my very late list for the July Photo Scavenger Hunt.

A flag - the flag of Devon.
A kite - unopened and ready to fly.
A celebration - birthday candle.
Fields - a map of fields in a newly discovered (by us) museum.
Flip flops - mine and Little Miss ready by the patio door.
Ice-cream - oh if only it was a real one.
Red white & blue - my fabulous wellies.
Sea shells - hanging in a display on a door.
Something that makes you happy (but not a person or animal) - my new to me bookshelf. Now I can put all my books out so this makes me happy.
Stars - these are special magic stars left behind by Father Christmas and collected by Little Miss each year.
Stripes - on my deckchair.
Strawberries - piled up and looking yummy.


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