Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wonderful Weekend At Dawlish

Start of the summer holidays and we went away with my mum for a lovely long weekend at Dawlish. 

As usual our train journey started out with sandwiches. We have a family tradition of taking marmalade sandwiches and bacon sandwiches for on the train.

Dawlish is a beautiful place and was were my Mum and Dad had their honeymoon in 1970. We know Dad was with us on holiday in spirit and was watching us all enjoy ourselves.

The weekend was made up of fantastic views as we walked around Dawlish and headed into Teignmouth.

So loved the ladybirds, I can remember going on these when I was younger.

We also had great eats.

Oh we do love pasties and cream teas. With a cream tea do you have it the Cornish (jam then cream) or the Devon (cream then jam) way?

We had a lovely wander around Exeter and had a visit to the cathedral.

These two stained glass windows were a lovely surprise on the top floor of one of the shops.

Dawlish is well know for an unusual type of bird.

Black swans, we were very lucky and saw cygnets as well.

We all had a wonderful time in Dawlish and will be revisiting again.



Lisa said...

Jam first for me please!
I went on hols to Dawlish when I was 14 or 15, too many years ago to remember now!
Lisa x

Alison said...

Cream first for me!..lovely pics
Alison xx