Thursday, 27 October 2011

Recent charity and car boot hunts

In the last couple of months we have managed to find some great bargains. Mainly at car boots sales as the charity shops seem to have put up all their prices again!

I know they are raising money for very worthy causes but it does annoy me when you see certain charity shops selling things for more than you can buy them new. 

A lovely little cupboard that is currently being transformed into a bedside table. An old puzzle, scrabble and some lovely material.

A beautiful little table with lift up lid, waiting to be transformed. An old map book and a silver jubilee tin. The tin now holds my washing tablets so much better than those plastic boxes. 

But this tin is a prime example of bad pricing in the charity shops. I had previously seen this in the charity shop for £3.50. They had not managed to sell it so it was relegated to the box outside the front of the shop with a sign asking for a 10p donation! Well I snapped it up and gave them a lot more than the 10p they were asking for. 

I have been after a larger Fred for ages, he matches my little cruet Fred's. Pretty china, more material, a cute little basket and my marvellous old little set of steps. 

I was looking for a step ladder and had seen the modern ones in the shops, all plastic and metal. Then at the boot fair the other week I saw this lovely set of ladders. I wandered over and asked how much. One pound! Well that money left my purse so quick it was unbelievable.


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Lisa said...

What bargains you had! Love the steps, I am after just that kind of thing too. The Fred reminds me of visiting my nan when we were little, sha had a few of them in her kitchen. I agree about the charity shop prices, I buy lots from them, but tend to avoid the ones that ask for more a Primark/Supermarket item of clothing than it would have been originally.
Lisa x