Saturday, 20 July 2013

Goals For July 2013

Whoops I forgot to post this!!

So its that time again goal setting for the month.
Lose 6lb's
Stick to 5:2 eating plan, this fits so easily around my life.

Get back to reading to Little Miss before bedtime - increase to twice a week.
plan places to visit for summer holidays.
Book up Harry Potter Studio Tour

Save 10% of all income into ISA.
Buy £10 of Christmas savings stamps.
8 NSD this month
Use envelope system again for groceries (this works so well).
No using cards to pay for anything.

Pay for and start first AAT.

Paint bathroom.
Re-vamp wooden deckchairs.

Make more cake and trinket stands.
Make more notebooks.

Weekly menu plan.
Start de-clutter.

Sort my bedroom out.
Get new school uniform (other than shoes and trousers - in case of growth spurt!)

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Alison said...

Gosh!.....that sounds like a lot of work...good luck with the goals!
Alison xx