Monday, 22 July 2013

De-clutter time 2

Right the first thing I did in my de-clutter was easy and simple, now for the next item on my list:
*Sort out my clothes*
 So everything was taken out of the wardrobe and put  on to the bed. Then it was time to go through each item, at this point not trying on, far too hot to do that!
Questions I asked myself:
1. When did I last wear this?
2. Did I feel happy/comfortable wearing this item?
Once I answered these questions I put the clothes into two piles, keep and get rid of.
Then it was try on time with the keep stuff.
The next questions were:
3. Do I still feel happy/comfortable wearing this?
4. Does it fit?
So some more items ended up in the get rid of pile.
Everything was then put back neatly into the cupboard.
The get rid of pile was then split into, material I can use and car boot pile.

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