Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Goals For June 2013 - Update

Oh I haven't been on here at all this month! Think that was to do with starting my new job and getting my head around everything new I'm learning.
Well how did I do this month....
Lose 6lb's  - did this
Get back on track with 5:2 eating plan - managed to do this each week

Get back to reading to Little Miss before bedtime - managed one night a week, need to improve on this.
Finish planning summer holidays - holiday clubs all booked, now to book B & B's, camping etc

Save 10% of all income into ISA.
Buy £10 of Christmas savings stamps.
8 NSD this month (plan weekly shopping better this month to do this) - failed miserably.
Use envelope system again for groceries (this works so well).
No using cards to pay for anything - well I didn't use the credit card, but failed with the debit cad.

Start advanced Excel course.
Join AAT for new course.

Paint bathroom.
Re-vamp wooden deckchairs.

Weekly menu plan.

De-clutter - Spare 'Oom.
Little Miss party preparation.
Make Egyptian outfit for Little Miss Egyptian day at school.
Return forms for secondary school for Little Miss (she got into first choice of school at last).
A few fails! But when I look back at what I have done over the month its not that bad.
Now to sort out July's goals.

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