Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Treasure Trove

Oh how I love a good old fashioned jumble sale. Everything just piled up and you have to rummage. Piles and piles of clothes and materials. Boxes of crockery and books.

On Saturday the local Scout group had a jumble sale. I had limited money so had to be very careful. This was my haul.

More vintage books.

A gorgeous picture frame that is currently in the process of being transformed.

A lovely little jug and some side plates, I have managed to break three side plates recently so needed some more pretty ones. Little Miss has decided that she wants the one at the front.

Three lots of gorgeous material.

And this lovely set of flowers.

All of this was purchased for the grand sum of £5!!! Now what bargains.

Not to be out done Little Miss also purchased a Jacqueline Wilson book and Polly Pocket house, she spent 50p.

Now I like my bargains and there were plenty at this jumble sale, with all money that was raised going to the Scouts. But why do people still have to argue about how much they were being charged. One woman had a black bag full of clothes and did not want to pay the £3 they were asking. What is wrong with people these days? But I thought that the helpers response was great. "If you don't want to pay that for them I am sure that someone else will". They then emptied the items out of the bag and back into the pile, the woman was fuming but everyone else around was smiling.


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cherisong said...

good for the helpers. I have a friend who does a car boot sale regularly and she tells me things like this all of the time. The funniest one was a lady who complained that 50p was expensive for a hardback book so my friend offered her 3 for £2. Guess what...... she bought them.