Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tuesday Tasks

Well I think I did OK this week. 

Ebay items listed, oh yes will keep with doing five items a week as it is a bit more manageable.

Sewing repair jobs all done (apart from new badge from Brownies this week).

Curtains not done. When I can get to my sewing machine they will be done.

Craft room getting there, I want to ensure that all the things are stored properly and I can find them. So I am not going to rush on this.
Tasks for this week:

1.    Ebay - at least 5 items listed.
2.    Sew on Brownie badge.
3.    Sew up curtains for patio.
4.    Finish painting furniture in craft room (some done).

Lets see how things go this week.


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