Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tuesday Tasks

Well I did not complete everything from last week. But I did get most of the ironing done, only a quarter of the pile left. It is now a lot easier to get in my kitchen cupboard..

Tasks for this week:

1.    Ironing - last quarter of the pile (then I will be fully up to date).  All done, can't beleive I have no ironing to do!!
2.    Ebay - at least 20 items listed, (carried over from last week). Ok need to get myself sorted with regards to this one. Free listing weekend and not one item put on.
3.    Clear out craft room. Done, room also painted and some stuff put back.
4.    Get all the small sewing repair jobs done. (only half completed) A couple more done.
5.    Paint craft room.

Hopefully I will do better this week.


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