Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tuesday Tasks

Every Tuesday I am going to post a list of five tasks that I want to have completed before the following Tuesday.

1.     Ironing pile - at least half the mountain gone.  Managed to get rid of three quarters of the pile.
2.     Ebay - at least 20 items listed. (none)
3.     Paint the bathroom mirror.
4.     Get all the small sewing repair jobs done. (only half completed)
5.     Items taken to the dump.

Lets see how I get on with this during the week.



thriftymissus said...

hi there,just thought i d say hello as i stumbled across your blog,arent they addictive?
my daughter is dying to get her hands on some frog spawn , i thought it was to early,so i know where we ll be going after school!best wishes,julie.xxx

Peonies and Pennies said...

Hi and welcome. I will be posting more pictures of the frog spawn they have hatched now.