Thursday, 7 April 2011

Country Living Fair 2011

I purchased tickets to go to the Spring Fair with Mum as part of her birthday present.

What a beautiful day we had, the sun was shining as we set off. When we arrived at the show Mum could not believe it so many pretties to see. We both fell in love with these gorgeous cushions and hanging hearts.

Then we came across Made in Pixieland and I knew Little Miss would just love these.

Then more wandering and we saw these lovelies.

And finally the parasol I would love to have on my patio.

It was then time to stop and have some refreshments. But just what do you choose!

One of each and share, oh they were so yummy.

So what did I get, well I was very very good and I only got a few items.

Pretty cupcake box, little wish sign, some pretty pink gingham ribbon, badge and tiny bunny. The bunny was for Little Miss and the badge was one of two. The other is on its way to a special friend. The little flower pot was purchased in the charity shop nearby.

This is a set of eight hanging night light holders and I have the perfect spot for them on the patio. Oh I do love twinkling night lights.

We both had a great but tiring day, I hate to think how far we walked. Thank you for a lovely day mum it was  so good that we had a day out like that, just the two of us.


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