Thursday, 14 April 2011

Oh what a wonderful week...

...we have had so far. 

School holidays and the juggling of childcare. Little Miss off to friends and Granny while Mummy works. But I have managed to get a couple of days off this holiday and I am so looking forward to them.

Monday walk up to Granny's the sun is out and we notice our shadows as we wander up the road.

Caught Little Miss next to a bit of graffiti. But it is nice graffiti as it is a lovely saying and very apt for her.

Spent a lovely afternoon with Little Miss watching Dr Who DVD's. She has now decided she prefers David Tennant to Matt Smith as the Dr. I don't mind I just enjoy watching any of the episodes (especially if John Barrowman is in them).

Off for a wander around the town, and into the charity shops.

Pretty jug and two Ikea shadow boxes (ideas for presents already with these), and a couple of books one for me and one for Little Miss.

Then a wonderful find in the newsagents!! I could not believe it when I saw these. The last time I had these I must of been about 10 and we were living in Leicester. Had to buy a few packets for me and my sister. Yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy.

Final goodies for the day were these Union Jack/Flag paper chains. Absolute bargain!

Hope you are all enjoying your week.


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Anonymous said...

Hello! I have finally managed to drop by for a peek at your blog. I cannot believe you found snaps!! I remember those, long time ago now.....!! I love a good wander around the charity shops. Have a great weekend :) Kirsty