Friday, 22 April 2011

Weekend catch up

A quick catch up on a lovely weekend.

Little Miss on school holidays and I managed to get the Friday and Monday off work. Yes I know this would give me a wonderful three long weekends in a row.

Well we decided to go up to London for the day on Friday.

A trip to the Imperial War Museum. Little Miss was thoroughly impressed when she walked in and saw all the aeroplanes hanging from the ceiling.

Wow mum its just like Night at the Museum.

Little Miss enjoyed going round the submarine and air raid shelter. A great day out and very close to this.

Yes we then went on the London Eye and the views were fantastic. Little Miss could not believe that I was taking her on it.

Then it was time to head home with one tired little girl.

Monday we headed off to see a friend in Guildford. Lovely walks along the river and lunch in the sunshine.

Then a sit in the park by the castle keep surrounded by pretty flowers.

What a lovely week, just looking forward to the next one.



Melissa said...

Beautiful photos and what a lovely weekend. We didn't get to try out the London Eye when we were there, and now seeing your photos I wished we'd made time for it!

Jinnag said...

Lovely photos to go with your day out. Love how you call your wee one, little miss - my grandad always called me "missy" so it reminded me of him.J x