Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend Wander

What glorious weather we woke up to on Saturday. Decided to take Little Miss out for the day, but where shall we go. Can we go to the park with the pirate ship mummy? So off we went, picnic packed and bread ready for the ducks.

Greeted at our destination by this beautiful tree and flowers. Mummy I love the umbrella tree, please take a picture for me. Picture taken 5 minutes later as too much traffic!

We arrive at the park and off she runs to play in the pirate ship. Out comes book and flask of coffee for me. Later after a few hours of playing and picnic we wander off to find the ducks to give them their afternoon tea.

Ducks and swans feed, we then chance upon the Egyptian Geese and their babies.

A quick pop into the local craft fair to pick up a special present for mother's day.

Then it was time to head off home with one tired out little girl.


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