Sunday, 26 June 2011

I love my iPhone but...

Yes I do love my iPhone. I can do so much with it. But after having it a month...well I miss actually writing things down on paper.

Today I purchased a gorgeous notebook from Paperchase and wrote down little simple things. I really can't do without a notebook. This is no matter how much the iPhone can do, taking the time to write things down with a pen in a notebook is still special to me.

I did try and I lasted a month just using the iPhone and no notebook.



Lisa said...

There is something very special about a new notebook. My son went on a weekend activity trip with his school recently and one of the things he needed was a notpad and pen. I only bought him a cheapy one from the supermarket but I got a buzz from handling that brand new pad of paper, so much promise on those white sheets, just waiting for notes to be scribbled on!
Lisa x

Alison said...

I would be the same...I LOVE notebooks!
Alison xx