Thursday, 23 June 2011

Local Carnival

It was our local carnival the other week.

It was lovely to see, but so few people taking part. I can remember when I was younger there were loads of floats and people taking part. Every community group took part. This year there was one float and a few groups walking. No schools were involved either.

Is this the same with everyone's carnivals?



Florence and Mary said...

We don't have a carnival I don't think although a lot of the local events have stopped unfortunately,

Victoria xx

Lisa said...

Ours stopped many years ago. There are small local ones which I think are wel supported, must try and get out and about to see.
Trouble is the weather has been so awful hasn't it. We don't normally like it to dictate what we get up, but I think we're just fed up with waiting for summer to start!
Lisa x