Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Birthday Cake 2011

I love baking and also decorating cakes. So its no surprise that when it comes to Little Miss and her birthday cake a lot of thought and time goes into it.

Start of the chocolate madeira cake recipe. This was cooked on the weekend before the birthday party.

Cooked in two loaf tins and some extra in another tin. Any idea as to what it will be?

Butter-cream filing being done by Little Sis, and the cake is starting to take shape. Do you know what it is yet (in her best Rolf Harris voice)?

Blue icing being added (and yes we had to wear gloves as it turned our fingers blue!).

I hope you have guessed what it is.

Doors and panelling being added.

The final additions and the Tardis is ready.

And a blue light added to the top. Yes the light flashed, but no matter how many photos I took I could not get a good one with the light on!

We took our time doing this over the week. But it was so worth it when Little Miss saw it at her party.

What wonderful cake creations have you done for your little ones?



JulieJ said...

Love your cake. we are big Dr WHo fans here. To make sure you get the light on in a photo, you need to increase the exposure time.

furrypig said...

wow that cake is amazing! Especially having a flashing light on the top!

humel said...

Yum - and WOW! I love Doctor Who :) I made a Pokemon cake for The Boy one year, and lavishly iced chocolate cupcakes for The Girl; my all-time fave was 'Lego blocks' - cuboids of cake covered in coloured icing with Smarties on top for the 'knobbly bits'! I assembled the 'bricks' to form the age of the birthday child, then each child took a 'brick' home in their party bag :)

Anonymous said...

why not...