Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Favourite shops...

I have already blogged about one of our favourite shops Paperchase.

Now one of our other favourite shops is Lush.

Just to walk past this shop is lovely with all the gorgeous scents wafting out of the door.

Then when you step through the door what choices you have.

Most of the time we just go in and look and lust after the lovely bath bombs. 

I decided to get Little Miss a bath bomb for her birthday.

The joy on her face when she opened the present was so wonderful.

The when she had it in the bath she didn't want to get out of the bath.

Can see these could become a regular treat.



JulieJ said...

I liked the Lush bath bombs I had for Christmas but I have never ventured inside myself. What you call gorgeous scents makes my nose itch and starts me sneezing if I walk past too slowly.

Lisa said...

That was a very pretty choice, the flowers look like the sugar ones for decorating fairy cakes.
Lisa x

Me said...

Ah! How sweet- a lovely gift. A true girl- enjoying her baths! I had a couple for Christmas- they're almost too lovely to use! Not sure the glitter was a good idea though... :) xxx

Alison said...

My DD can't go near 'Lush'..she starts sneezing and feels sick with all the different smells!
Alison xx