Saturday, 30 July 2011

Visiting my childhood home town - day 2

Well up we got and it was time for more exploring.

The market was still as busy and bustling as I remember. Vibrant displays of materials, trims, fruit and veg. I was dragged away from the lovely material stall by Little Miss.

A walk along New Walk, not a lot changed here since I was last here. It is still a beautiful pedestrianised route from the main city to Victoria Park area.

A visit to New Walk Museum. Finding the Egyptian Mummies still there that I remembered was lovely. The layout of the museum had changed dramatically. The large staircase was no longer there!  

Then a visit to Victoria Park and lunch in the sunshine. With Little Miss having fun playing in the playground.

Then we walked down Queens Road and turned off into Montague Road and saw my childhood home. A wander around the corner to where there used to be a bakers that did wonderful Rum babas. Also they produced the world record Easter Egg, at that time. I can remember that we watched the egg being made and then got to eat some of it as well.

The local ironmongers, which also didn't seem to have changed that much. The old TV and radio repair shop. Then it was time to see my old school and school church. Little Miss couldn't believe it that my old school has the same name as her school.

The Methodist Church that I remember going to every Sunday. The local Conservative Club that was just around the corner from where we lived. The bakers opposite from where we lived was no longer there, Subway had taken over part of the building. But the flower shop, grocers and butchers were still there.

The final park to visit, the Little Park, this is just opposite the large Victoria Park. Then on to one final museum, Newarke Houses.

I was expecting so much more change to be around the Queens Road area. Yes some shops have gone, but many are still there. There is still an ironmongers, butcher, florists and greengrocer in the same premises that they were 30 years ago. I think that this area of Leicester has fared very well and I was surprised that there were very few empty shops. Its a shame the same could not be said about where I live now.



K @ Aurora Blythe said...

The market looks like a fun and festive way to while away a day. Thanks for posting this.

Alison said...

Looks like you had a lovely's always interesting to return to places from your youth, and to see how/if they have changed!
Alison xx

Rosie said...

I've enjoyed your last two posts on Leicester! I'm Leicester born, too! We left in the mid 1950s and the street where we lived was near the now demolished Granby Halls, where I once saw a young David Attenborough being filmed with a snake around his neck. I remember the Eqyptian mummies and the big staircase with a huge giraffe at the New Walk Museum and visiting the Lewis's Department store and Abbey Park. Thanks for the trip down memory lane:)