Thursday, 7 July 2011

School Summer Fair

Summer Fair time for Little Miss, she was with her Dad for the day, so she was unable to attend. I went on her behalf and had a go on the sweet tombola for her.

Then on to the toy stall.

Loads of cuddlies that need new homes.

A lovely school fair that was spoilt by the bad weather. 



JulieJ said...

So sad she couldn't go and then it got spoilt by rain. My DD did exactly what I predicted - went to the toy stall and bought back a teddy bear she had donated!

Lisa said...

It is a shame when the weather doesn't comply when you consider all the work that goes in to organising these events. Ours is next. Fingers crossed!
Hope LM liked the prizes you won for her.
Lisa x

Alison said...

That's the worst thing about School Fairs in the UK....hope they still raised lots of money!
Alison xx

Me said...

Oh that was lovely of you to have a go on things in her place! What a pain that she was elsewhere- it seems always that way, here! Hope it was fun despite the weather.

I'm disappointed that we don't have one: my eldest is in reception, and I was very excited about getting involved in things like this. The PTFA seem to be trying to raise money *constantly*, rather than now-and-then, with these annual events, which annoys most parents (although I do help out when I can- its for the good of the children it seems!) As a result, I doubt if there would be enough support to do a traditional fair- such a shame! xxx