Monday, 4 July 2011

June Scavenger Hunt

Thank you once again for organising this Postcards from the P. P.

A childhood memory
Well I had so many things to choose from for this. We went and visited Leicester where I was born and spent the first 10 years of my life. When I saw that this was still there after all these years I couldn't believe it.

A farm animal
I couldn't find a real one so I borrowed one of Little Miss toys.

A wheel trim
This was taken at Defest classic car cruise, I love the detail of the dice.

An elephant
Little Miss had great fun on this.

Architectural detail
I walk past this everyday on the way to work. This is next to the old wheelwrights and blacksmiths.

Goats cheese with caramelised onion, this was yummy and tasted better than it looks!

This is our camping and days out cutlery, it all clips together and is so easy to carry. Absolute bargain as it was from the pound shop.

My pretty bedroom lights at night.

Something beginning with z...
Zynga, without this a lot more could be done by many people (including me). 
Farmville, Cityville, Frontierville etc are all very addictive games.

Something with your town's name on it
An advertisement for one of the events at our local festival.

The view right outside your door
Pots that are waiting for pretty flowers.

Tree branches
View taken whilst on a swing. Well it doesn't matter how old you are we all love to go on a swing.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done.



j said...

Sure looks like you had some FUN times on playground equipment this month:) I love the elephant! AND is that a spider to climb?

Little Blue Mouse said...

Love that wheel trim!

Hazel said...

Can I have a go on the elephant?
I must get mine posted... been a crazy month!

Rosie said...

Great photos - love your Night one and the Architectural detail:)

Louise said...

That's true - I love a go on a swing, or anything childish like rolling down a hill or running like an idiot for no reason!

A very cute elephant and how great to find the very thing you used to play on still there at the playground! I would have had a little play on it for old time's sake!!

Lisa said...

I love the tree branches taken from on the swing! My 2 loved those rockers in the playground too.
Lisa x

Becca-Lou said...

You are definitely never too old for a swing

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You mentioned a spaceship in Ewell, I'm intrigued. I don't know Ewell very well but now I want to see the spaceship. Do tell...

Patrice said...

I was seriously addicted to Zynga...LOL! Great photos!