Saturday, 20 August 2011

Summer Holidays

So I have been very lax with my blog (amongst other things) over the last month. Well I can say the exact date from when. The day Little Miss broke up from school. It happens every year why does my life seem to go to pot when she is not at school. Easy...routine.

We are both out of routine. We talked about this today. When she is at school she knows that certain things happen on certain days. But over the school holidays the drama club, cookery club and brownies etc don't happen. So she cannot pinpoint days. I find the same because of the way I use my two weeks holiday over the summer (by taking odd days off to make long weekends) and even I have to think twice about what day it is.

So I need to sort out a way of dealing with this for next summer holiday.



Betty The Wood Fairy said...

I love your school holidays sign! My children are big now so it is easier to entertain them now. When they were younger I took them swimming a lot and often to a council run play scheme where you leave them and they can go on the equipment (pulley, climbing frame, sand pit, organised football etc., it was basic but they liked it - I think most councils run these schemes after school and during holidays - ours was only £2 per child for the whole day and even had burgers at lunchtime for 50p and a tuck shop - the youngest didn't go this year for the first time (age 12 now) - hope you find something like this.

Lisa said...

I can normally keep track of the day, it's the date I have trouble with! Hope you have been having fun, as usual August seems to be whizzing by.
Lisa x

Alison said...

Summer holidays are for lettin things slip a bit!
Alison xx