Sunday, 21 August 2011

This month part 2 - Bedroom

Well the beginning of the summer holiday and this is what a certain persons bedroom looked like.

Well words cannot describe it....

So a day was spent sorting and tidying.

This was the result.

The best thing is that a month later it is still tidy!

Long may it last.



Alison said...

When my 21yr old comes home, her room looks just like the first set of pics, except with clothes and makeup!
Alison xx

Lisa said...

What a fab feeling it is when a room is decluttered and is sorted. We've dne the same in both T and S's rooms, though theirs are anywhere as tidy!
Lisa x

Mary Poppins said...

Oh my!! I think with my Poppins' I am lucky if their rooms stay tidy for a day or two, so *applause* all round :)

Btw, well done! You have won the persil pass on the love picnic hamper with persil treats, you can email me via my profile page your address details and then I can forward onto persil who shall send you out your hamper :) xxxx