Wednesday, 31 August 2011

This month part 3 - Charity finds (oh and car boot finds)

Well we have had plenty of trips out over the last month or so and this means new charity shops to check out.

The absolute bargain was this chest of drawers. This was in a local charity shop that I don't usually do because they are so expensive. Little Miss wanted to go in as she wanted to see if they had a certain book she was after. We went in and she headed to the books while I wandered around. The chest of drawers was in the middle of the shop. It was the perfect height for what I wanted but had no price on it. The manager could see that I was interested in it and said I should buy it if I liked it. I said I would if it was a good price. He said it was £5! Well that money was out of my purse so quick. Then it was getting the chest of drawers back home! I really should think about that before I buy these bargains.

I've been wanting a celery pot for ages and this man was perfect.

All of these lovely plates and dishes have been added to my collection.

I hope that you have all had good finds recently.



A mermaids purse said...

wow lovely finds- i love charity shops n thrifting at car boots and markets- always find something in need of a new home! ;0) love yolur daughters bedroom on the previous posting- so sweet x

Gem said...

What a bargain, love the plates. Did Little Miss find the book she was looking for? xxx

Alison said...

Like the look of the china!
Alison xx

JulieJ said...

Is your celery pot Sylvac? My Mom has a lovely collection of vegetable faced pots. I wish I had time to browse all the charity shops - you have some beauties there.

Lisa said...

Isn't it such a happy feeling when you find the perfect piece and at the perfect price!
Lots of china pretties too.
Lisa x

LissyLou said...

you have found some great things xx