Sunday, 21 August 2011

This month part 1 - Baking

As I have been so lax in doing my blog for the last month I need to catch up!

So what have we been doing.

Well plenty of baking.

Yummy scrummy cupcakes.

Banana Loaf.

Eccles cakes.

And messy gooey chocolate fudge muffins.

Oh we had fun making and eating all of these.



A mermaids purse said...

my mouth is now watering- how delicious yum yum for tum tums ;0)x

Alison said...

Now I want a piece of banana loaf! It all looks super-tasty!
Alison xx

Pink Poppy said...

Mmm lovely baking. I made banana bread with my son on Friday.

angelfish said...

Those chocolate fudge muffins look yummy:o) I haven't made eccles cakes since I was at primary school!